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One of the miracles of the human body is that it can repair and heal many of the illnesses that it encounters on its own. This holds true for the mouth, teeth gums and jaw structures. Knowledge of the correct ways are essential.

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Dr Shapiro's credentials are substantial, having treated hundreds of patients for mouth-rehabilitations and TMJ dysfunctions. He has continued his education and professional development since 1971, receiving several awards and affiliations with honor societies. He has instructed students at Temple and Harvard Dental Schools, and has trained dentists and special auxilliaries at V.A. Hospital institutions throughout the East Coast. He is a Fellow of the International

College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics.

But, what sets Dr Shapiro apart in the field of Rehabilitation Dentistry and TMJ tharapy is that he once suffered from extreme dental and TMJ problems requiring dental surgery. He faced the same physical and emotional distress as his patients ---giving him a unique insight into the benefits of restorative surgery and TMJ therapy.

Following this experience, Dr Shapiro turned his energies to Rehabilitative and TMJ Dentistry, sharing his expertise at national seminars and performing these procedures daily in his practice.

Our staff of career professionals contribute a unique blend of expertise. The administrative staff is expert at scheduling and insurance processing, to help you gain maximum benefits, and at attending to your needs with warm, sincere hospitality.

Our clinical staff is highly trained and is sensitive to the problems and personal nature of advanced dental disabilities.

Dr Jerald M. Shapiro has a national reputation as a clinician, lecturer, and educator in the profession. Our treatment facility has been an educational facility for hundreds of patients over the years. From children to adults, single teeth to complete mouth restorative procedures with the goal of always establishing a well-functioning, comfortable bite and smile, allowing the optimum functioning of the muscles , bones, soft tissues and nerves. Lasting beautiful smiles and comfort are the result.

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