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T.M.J./ T.M.S.


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Please notify the doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

* Chronic Headaches

* Chronic Neck Pain or Stiffness

* Ringing, Buzzing, or Clogged Ears

* Pain in Ears or Face

* Clicking or Grinding Noises in

Your Jaw Joint

*Stiffness or Locking of Your Jaw

Thank You

The above sign is displayed in our reception area.

"Dental Stress" is not usually associated with the awful symptoms listed here. Nor is it thought of in connection with dizziness or chronic fatigue, difficulty swallowing, temporary memory loss or even pains in parts of the body that seem to have no relation to the teeth. "Dental Stress's" new name is TMJ Dysfunction. ( also closely related to TMS, Tension Myositis Syndrome)

Sometimes just a slight misalignment of the bite can and does cause faulty compression of sensitive structures in the head. It also causes faulty muscular contraction of head and jaw muscles which are not only painful in themselves but also induce referred or extended pain and/or symptoms to more remote structures, such as eyes, ears, throat and more. It is estimated that over 50 million Americans suffer from these varied symptoms as a direct result of TMJ....and this causative factor is frequently unrecognized by physicians whose training has not covered these phenomena. A very important emotional component called TMS turns it into a worse debilitating CHRONIC pain and dysfunction condition.