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Recent scientific studies are now showing that you DO NOT need to Floss all of your teeth.......Only The Ones You Want To Keep!......simple and VERY TRUE.....Do it every day.

Teeth whitening is best done by a professional dentist but why?

What most people do not realize is that there are many goings on in the mouth, involving nerves, blood vessels, sensitive soft and hard tissues, as well as bacteria populations..all of which the whitening chemicals effect adversely. .... ...its not as simple as shampoo and conditioner for your hair........please use a professional for this who will monitor all these goings on. TG

What is the most important part of EVERY 6 month checkup and cleaning visit? IT IS THE ORAL INFECTION AND CANCER DIAGNOSIS! This is not to be a cursory look around with the little mirror. Glands under neck, lips, cheeks, all sides of tongue, floor of mouth, throat, gums, periodic hard tissue xray ALL must be observed with high power light and magnified optics. Get R Done! TG

Why do some people have excessive tooth wear and others not any.....well, absent any rare disease which softens teeth.....99% of excessive wear has to do with jaw muscle health....and that is affected by diet, bite relationship (occlusion) and emotional and psychological balance .....the good news is that real professional dentistry can alter the course and save teeth from excessive wear. Key words to study are TMD (TMJ) and TMS.....both of which are explored at this very website. TG

A beautiful smile with attractive teeth will uplift anybody's whole life....the ceramics and porcelain materials available these days are awesome and the variable techniques to accomplish this kind of treatment makes it possible to have choices that are cost effective for most folks....ask your dentist for a cosmetic dentistry evaluation. ..TG

DON'T want to be "UNLUCKY" about what happens in YOUR mouth.... the best way at HELPING patients is by self empowering them to actually SEE what we see so we can clean and restore those harmful things LEAKING areas under their OLD Dentistry .. patients will enjoy their BEST health, CONTINUED comfort, and a most ECONOMICAL way to approach their dentistry ...(which works way better than waiting till something hurts or breaks or gets loose)...SOME DENTISTS (you know) are happy to courtesy a consult re any MOUTH OR TEETH situation...TG

Sensitive tooth...really sensitive....probably needs a root canal?'d be surprised that many times cervical plaque removal, bite adjustment, rebond, or muscle trigger referral therapy maybe all that is required....a thorough diagnosis by a competant oral dental diagnostic capable dentist is needed FIRST.....TG

How about dentures, you know, parents had them?.....People who already have dentures to replace their natural teethare very lucky to have the modern materials to give a natural like appearance. ....the BIG down side is that they only have 25% chewing efficiency of natural teeth and they often get loose requiring adjustments, relines and sometimes implant attachments. ...however, if you do need a denture please go to a dentist that is proficient in this area....QUALITY of techniques is VERY IMPORTANT here. Ask questions TG

When a tooth cracks in half because of leakage around the edges of old fillings it sometimes can be saved and sometimes it cannot....both wind up ok, but costly.....its much better to be proactive and bond in a new filling BEFORE ALL THIS HAPPENS.....lookin out for ya...TG

How should we start the newyears?......ok, IS MORE BETTER?.....well, some people have: lots of extra teeth impacted in their jaws (10 or more), extra large lumps of bone under their gums creating large lumps in their mouths, extra gum tissue almost completely over growing their teeth......all of which they "get used to"NONE OF WHICH ARE GOOD,(all are correctable).....oh, more health checkups.....IS GOOD. HNY, TG

Hi Guru....I go to the dentist every 6 months, so I assume my mouth is healthy?

Well sorry, No.....a good idea is to be somewhat self educated ....ask your dentist if your really old filling "may be leaking" (pst, it is)....ask if there was any signs of gum disease, like ANY bleeding. ....then ask that these things be resolved. ...take a proactive approach to your mouth health. ..It WILL SAVE YOU a whole lot of GRIEF and MONEY down the road....nicely done....TG

TMJ....are the CAUSES strictly the dental dysfunctional bite?

We repress, avoid, deny our emotions every day when we are in our chronic patterns of: WORRY, STRIVING, PERFECTING, PLEASING, CONTROLLING, COMPETING, BEING SELF-CONSCIOUS....good news is we include these agravating CAUSES in a balanced plan regarding HEADACHES, FACIAL PAIN, NECK PAIN, SHOULDER PAIN. TG

An once of prevention is worth a pound of never more true than with dentistry, especially because decay and gum disease do not hurt until its too late... early detection is the we have laser detection and occular scopes to find problems that are miniscule and unseen on xrays, xrays that are merely a meager shadow of whats really happening there, and that's the time to eradicate them! Do not be old fashion and wait till it hurts....rather choose early preventive treatment. It will save you a bundle in more ways than one.TG

Does a loose tooth need to be removed?

A well rounded dentist will have a few "tricks" up his/her sleeve. ....sometimes the loosening is caused by a miss bite, a gum problem and/or a pulpal (or what nondentists call the "nerve") all of which is totally reversible. ....just incredible I say....and sometimes not...however, if need be,a permanent replacement is an easy trick also! TG..

How often do xrays need to be taken is a frequently asked question.....the answer is that it varies for each patient....for example, their history of gum inflammation, or bleeding with sofpicks, or floss, or if they required crowns or root canals, or fillings because of previous problems with cavities. .....a thoughtful dentist will be able to explain the need or the no-need. TG

A very nice lady asked me this question recently...."isn't it true that most mouth deterioration caused by plaque, like gum disease and cavities is a genetic problem that I'm kind of stuck with?" ....Well, the good news is The answer is a BIG NO!....just about ALL of the destruction and deterioration is 100% PREVENTABLE....for sure!....ask me about it. TG

It is summer time and we all enjoy ICE cold whats that have to do with teeth? ...well DO YOU CHEW THE ICE?...bad?...YES! Heres why...the outer enamel layer contracts faster than the inner hard layer core called dentin, and so the enamel starts having micro cracks....this leads to BIG CRACKs and more dentistry for you....suck it, dont chew it. TG

Porcelain veneers are engineered to have your smile looking real nice. They are accomplished with minimal to no preparation of your natural teeth. It's a strong and secure way to amazingly create a beautiful pleasing smile for many people who are conscious of their style and appearance. "I'll give you a subject..porcelain veneers..discuss with your dental professional" (Linda and me TG

HERE'S something you probably are unaware of.....your cheeks, lips, tongue do the "brushing" for you...except near the that's where you must focus....AND, MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL THE the cleaning that you do BETWEEN you teeth....MOST problems happen there. Floss is great used correctly, softpicks are BETTER! TG

TG, if a tooth is loosening, does it need to be removed and/or replaced? Very good question!

It depends on so many things...sometimes it could actually be has to do with the bone support available, the occlusion or bite, the tooth nerve health, the neighboring teeth and the patients overall general health.....a good dentist will shed light on the proper decision. TG

Dear permanent crown came could that happen?

Ans: 3 possibilities...first, the cement could have been faulty...have your dentist recement it.....second, the crown may not fit the tooth properly....have you dentist remake it.....thirdly, the tooth may be too short to enable a secure crown.....have your dentist replan the retention by either attaching to an adjacent tooth, or installing a post .....#3 will also require a crown remake,and sometimes a canal sealing procedure....that's it....your dentist will be happy to get it right.......otherwise there's choice #4. TG

We all appreciate these days the difference in the healthiness of fast food vs nutritious foods...unfortunately...the public is unaware of the preponderance of "fast food dentistry"....bottom line...mouths may not be in pain...but they are not healthy and eventually will cause unnecessary pain and costs and other health problems ...The patients that are fortunate to see a conscientious dentist practitioner will SEE and learn the difference (a conscientious DR would be proud to show and teach you cause he/she really cares)..... Patients would be wise to take advantage of real healthy dentistry.

Good News for Seniors 75 years old and can "keep dental health and comfort easier and more gentle than ever before....because of very cost effective and less bothersome

ceramic direct bond tooth repairs, comfortable flexible replacement teeth and enamel smoothing and recontouring techniques.......just be sure to keep your regular dental health checkup and cleaning visits to keep you out of the more serious situations. TG

EARLY DETECTION AND TREATMENT is the KEY to a healthier and least costly dental sure that your professionals are doing a very careful and thorough sure to ask all the questions that you may have....after all, it's your body...and remember that letting things go or waiting till something breaks or hurts will indeed cost you more, in health and money. TG now you know the plaque acid is at the gum crevice....check out the RADIUS toothbrush...really gets in there....great ergonomic design...we love 'em at our office....AND they come in right or left hand designs! TG

Dear TG, what's the best toothbrush?....hard, med, soft, electric, sonic, small, large....????

The goal is always only to remove all plaque and not to harm the teeth or gum hard and medium are FIND OUT from a real good dental professional HOW to remove plaque acid and how YOU KNOW that you are actually doing it correctly ( seriously, it takes a few practice visits and about 40 - 50 minutes to "get it".....and boy, its worth learning!!!! Any of the soft brushes work if you learn how to Do it! TG

Dear TG, my dentist wants to remove my "bad" molar back tooth and replace it with an implant....what are the choices? depends on the diagnosis of the area....sometimes no treatment, fixed permanent or removable bridge, and sometimes the really "bad" tooth can be made "GOOD," really! TG

Fruit good right? well, yes but WATCH OUT for the LEMON.....yes, its great in a soda, lemonade, put it on fish, whatever, BUT if some one tells you to "Go SUCK a lemon!" ....DO NOT DO THIS.....people who like to do this have the enamel just dissolve off their teeth leaving them sensitive and very unattractive....and an added expense to fix...YIKES! find a healthier snack. TG

Dear ToothGuru,

I'm missing a tooth....are implants the best choice.?....answer is: please do not be fooled by the hype, and the marketing....too often potential patients are dazzled by words like "lasers, implants, latest technology"

...dont be dazzled or foolish...the doctors knows there are many important considerations....its about using the right tool in the right, get a few opinions.....have the dentist explain his thinking in as much detail as you need to hear to be comfortable with your decision,,..what you don't know can hurt you....And there are several great choices as good and sometimes much better for you! And, sometimes dental implant are a wonderful choice! TG

"My jaw clicks and is sore around my face near my ear, and I'm more headachy....should I go to the dentist?" the short answer, HOWEVER, you need to select a dentist who is proficient in the TMJ area of expertise...(2% of dentists will have this special expertise and WILL be able to help you!)...The BITE is known to shift and strain and inflame the soft jaw joint tissues ....see TMJ/TMS on this website to learn more about this. TG

Getting your teeth "cleaned" is really about having your mouth checked for many body diseases that show themselves in the soft mouth tissues......this must be done in a slow and careful manner by your trusted dental professional...FYI.... TG

All you have to do is just remove ALL the PLAQUE just ONCE a day, completely, and you will not get cavities, or gum disease, no loose teeth, no fillings no crowns or anything, and save lots and lots of is a can ignore it...but it is TRUE.....its a no brainer....LEARN the SKILL....( your usual combo of brushing and flossing, even multiple times ain't gonna do it ) THERE IS A SCIENCE TO IT.... ALL YOU NEED IS A GOOD TEACHER!!! hmmm, I wonder TG

Dear GURU I was thinking of having all my teeth removed and have dentures like my mom and dad. Whadayathink? Dentures a truly a last resort, have only 25% chewing efficiency of natural loosen, cause soreness....not everyone can get comfortable. Folks with dentures do forget how much easier life was with some sturdy nat. Teeth. Get a few dentists opinions...perhaps partials or a few implants can make a big difference in you health and comfort AND still be affordable. TG


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