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After a thorough and complete examination, Dr. Shapiro will have a consultation with you so that all relevant and important information and explanations are carefully reviewed. Then the proper course(s) of treatment will be recommended for discussion and mutual agreement.

Treatment modalities will vary from patient to patient depending on their individuals diagnoses and needs to correct the bio-insult, interrupt the pain spasm cycles and treat the causitive factors to maintain continuing established comfort.

Common modalities include and are not limited to occlusal bite evaluation and adjustment as well as physical muscular therapies such as vapocoolant stretch and spray and deep heat ultrasound.

Easy to wear 3-D Jaw repositioning appliances, occlusal bite plate, and neuromuscular stop reflex guards are utilized when indicated.

Muscle trigger point infusion/ injection and/ or appropriate medications may also be used only when necessary in the more extensive or acute cases.

Last to mention but certainly NOT least important is attention to Mind/Emotional factors .(TMS) This area of treatment is addressed with proper patient education as well as the occassional help of other knowledgable professionals .

All patients are monitored and reevaluated as an ongoing part of proper healing therapy protocol and management .


"Hi, I myself had the most awful symptoms of TMJ....the clicking joint ,the facial and jaw discomforts, headaches and neck pain. At the time no one knew how to help me. I made it my business to travel all around the U.S. taking a myriad of advanced continueing education courses about this area of medicine know as TMJ/TMS. I affected my own resolution of these symptoms for myself with the help of my professional colleagues and the knowledge I had attained. I have been treating and helping patients with these problems for better than 30 years. I would only be very happy to help anyone who may have any of these problems."

Dr. Jerald M. Shapiro


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