Dental Plans

Dental Plans are Welcome. Holistically Oriented Dentistry is the Highest Quality Dentistry...that is why we work with your Dental Plan no matter which plan you may have. We have helped thousands of patients to get their maximum benefits from their Plans and are happy to process your claims for you.

We ask for your payment for the treatment rendered on your visits and for your convenience can await plan payment portions for some specified treatments and procedures. Any unpaid balances are your responsibility.

We also offer our own in house Payment Plans....and

are CARECREDIT authorized for your convenience.

Credit Cards such as Visa And Mastercard are also accepted.

...and on the subject of Money... well thought out and carefully performed Dentistry is Way less expensive and considerably more kind to You in the long run. Be healthy and be kind to yourself.


Dr Harold GELB, D.D.S.

Dr John SARNO, M.D.

Saving money and convenience are a reality here. Many times more than one procedure can be accomplished at a single relaxed visit, so that patients will not have to be sent around to one or more different specialty dentists to accomplish the same treatment task....convenience and lower fees result!

Tired of endless dental visits

In my experience and love affair with Dentistry of 40 years, I have noticed that most people, when it comes to their dentistry are either concerned if a procedure will "hurt" and "how much will this cost?" Both questions do certainly make sence for sure. Then, they ask a dentist "do you take my insurance?" which is the way they will select a dentist.......BUT THIS IDEA IS SO NOT THE BEST QUESTION TO ASK to pick your dentist.....and more and more people are being educated now to ask the right questions. The goal is certainly to be healthy. Did you know that you can have a bunch of dentistry done and still not have a healthy mouth. Do ask questions to your prospective dentist about his education, fellowships, teaching positions, publications and awards.

How to get Healthy Dentistry The smartest, healthiest way to use a dental plan is to see a dentist who is most interested in your health. Just like choosing a cardiologist, or a general physician, it is important to know the credentials and experience of the dentist you choose to take care of your oral health. There has been much research that proves that bacteria in the mouth, can lead to diseases in your body. The integrity of the dentist you choose is of utmost importance; you need a dentist that will determine your care based on your health needs, not on what Dental “Insurance” dictates. A dentist that cares about you, calls you after a dental procedure to see how you are, and is available to you around the clock, is the best dentist to keep you healthy & attractive.

How to Best Use your Dental Plan The best way to use a dental plan is to use it with a dentist that you trust. Then you will not be locked in to the “Participating Provider Game”. Rather, you will be taken care of in the healthiest way possible, and will get some money back from your dental plan. The dentist’s office will do all of the paperwork for you, and submit the claim forms to get you back your maximum benefit.

So don't confuse what your dental plan will cover with the dental services that you need. Your dental coverage is determined by your "ins" carrier....your dental care needs to be determined by a caring thoughtful dental professional. Truthfully, your best dental insurance is your daily home care and getting 6 month preventive exams and professional cleanings based on your individual needs. Lastly, most of us get through hard times by cutting back or delaying "unnecessary" expenses. However, to save your teeth, health and money....make sure that you are not postponing your dental care.

Insurance Questions


What is Dental “Insurance”? Dental “Insurance” is not actually insurance, but rather a plan that may save some people a little money on some of their dental work. Dental “insurance” is completely different from medical insurance, in that it provides very little benefits to patients, and often dictates the services and treatments that dentists participating in these plans can use.

What does Dental “Insurance” cover? Every dental plan is different, and depends on how much money employers pay to these plans as a benefit for their employees. In most cases, dental plans provide a $1000 -$1500 annual maximum. This annual maximum has been the same for over 50 years, if it were adjusted for inflation; the annual maximum would actually be $5000 to $7500. Dental plans are a business for their profit, and are not really about saving money for its subscribers, or their finest health.

“Participating Providers”, or“Preferred Providers”, attain this title by often accepting less than 1/3 to 1/2 of their normal fair fee. By agreeing to be a “Participating Provider”, many of these dentists must follow many rules, and find themselves moving things along quickly to make up for the low reimbursement rates by increasing the volume of patients they see. These dentists often must provide treatments that are not the very best in order to get reimbursed.

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